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Rodrigo Rocha Monteiro de Castro

Lawyer, partner of law firm Lehmann, Warde & Monteiro de Castro Advogados, specializing in corporate and trade advisory, mainly on corporate transactions (M&A), capital market and contracts.

Specialist, Master and PhD degree candidate in Commercial Law from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo (PUC-SP).

Professor of Commercial Law at the Mackenzie University.

Chairman of the Monitoring Commission of the New Commercial Code to Brazil (Comissão de Acompanhamento do Novo Código Comercial para o Brasil), organized by the OAB-SP.

Vice-Chairman of the Movement for the Defense of the Advocacy (Movimento de Defesa da Advocacia – MDA).

Member of the Organizing Committee of the Brazilian Congress of Commercial Law (Congresso Brasileiro de Direito Comercial).

President of the Institute for Applied Corporate Law (Instituto de Direito Societário Aplicado – IDSA), in the years of 2004-2010.

Former President of the Commission for Studies and Support to the Legal Department (Comissão de Estudos e Apoio a Departamento Jurídico), organized by the OAB-SP.

Co-author of Bill No. 4,303/12 (Special Regime for Simple Corporations).

Author of several books and papers



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